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Vald Mordehay Water Tanks and Construction Ltd. is a family company that was founded by the late Mordehay Vald in 1935 and turned into an Ltd. in 1970.

In its years of activity the company has specialized in the construction of  concrete water tanks, water towers, pumping stations, desalination facilities, wastewater treatment and complicated concrete projects .

During his first years in the business, Mordehay Vald worked according to methods that were accepted before the establishment of the state, e.g. cement mixers, old-fashioned cement pumps, wooden boards, circular wooden plates and more.

The work was performed, then as it is now, according to the highest quality standards and with great success.

In 1973,  Mordehay's youngest son, Yehuda , joined the company and has been managing it since.

Yehuda's full and independent management, with the full support of his father, has ensured the quality of the company's services and maintained its excellent reputation.

During the past 15 years, the third generation has gradually joined the company's ranks, and its members are trained by Yehuda to uphold the same standards of perfection.



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