Rising Templates (Sliding Templates) cement silos construction

Wald Mordechai Ltd. specializes in the construction of poured concrete with the help of Rising Templates (Sliding Templates)  in various sizes and heights.

 The company further owns hydraulic jacks, hydraulic pumps and other equipment and templates necessary for pouring with Rising Templates (Sliding Templates).

With the help of this method, the company constructed round cement constructions, water pools, digesters, spill containment pallets, bridge columns, wheat and cement silos in various heights and diameters, square cement constructions that serve as wheat silos and staircase shafts in various heights. There are no limitations of height.

The method enables speedy performance through ongoing, 24-hour pouring, as well as excellent quality, as the height of the template is 1-1.2m, allowing control of the quality of the work and the cement.
Wald Mordechai Ltd - cement silos construction